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0% credit card rates for new customers

Many credit card providers now offer an introductory interest rate which is fixed below the card's standard rate for a limited duration.

The rate tends to be very competitive in order to attract new customers, but will revert to the standard rate when the introductory duration ends.  Use the search facility above in order to determine the latest 0% credit card deals.

Credit card balance transfers
If you've got a card with a hefty balance carried over each month, you should consider moving the debt to a different company.

Several issuers offer 0% APR on credit card balance transfers. The honeymoon period usually lasts around 12 months, although some of the best credit cards for balance transfers offer interest free rates for as long as 13, 15 or even 30 months.

This can provide you some welcome breathing space in which to pay off your debt without accruing interest. When the grace period ends the APR reverts to the standard, which varies, depending on which UK credit card you choose and your personal credit rating.

Individuals who are worried about debt should change to a card charging 0 per cent on balances for an introductory period and aim to clear what they owe within that time period. If this is unlikely, go for a card which offers a low rate until the balance is completely cleared.

Balance transfer fees can be a sting in the tail, so make sure you take these into consideration when you compare rates.

Low interest credit cards

Many consumers continue to pay far higher rates of interest for spending on their credit cards than the current average APR. By simply changing to a different provider they are likely save a significant amount of money each year in interest.

People who have stayed loyal to their bank and never changed their credit card are more than likely being charged excessive rates of interest.  With lower standard rates and introductory 0% offers for purchases and balance transfers available, now is the time to switch to a low interest credit card.

Following a period in the doldrums, the credit card market is beginning to heat up again with lenders regularly launching competitive deals.

The credit crunch sent providers into retreat, but now there is an apparent resurgence with a much greater choice on offer. It's never been easier to switch deals, but it's important to note the best deals are usually reserved for those with impeccable credit scores.

Tuesday 18 September 2018
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