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How to compare credit cards

You can use our interactive credit card search facility above to compare credit card rates on offer in the UK. 

The system will return a list of cards which will be sorted by your preferred choice.

Simply click on the card name for further details or to make an application online.

The purpose of this website is to save you time and make the choice easier by enabling you to compare credit cards in one place, ensuring that you get a good deal according to your criteria. 

Finding the right credit card for you

With hundreds of credit cards in the UK to choose from it is important you get the right one for your circumstances.

The right choice for you depends on how you use your card.

Pay the full balance monthly
If you pay off your balance in full and on time every month you're unlikely to be concerned about the interest rate as you won't incur any interest charges. You should instead go for a card that rewards you with cashback for everything you spend.

Do not pay off the balance each month
If you spend on you card regularly and carry a balance over each month or just pay off the minimum amount on your bill,  youíll need to keep payments down with a low standard interest rate or move to a card with a 0% introductory offer. 

Existing debts on current cards
If you already have a debt on a current card you should consider transferring the balance to another card which offers a lower rate or interest free introductory period for balance transfers. In essence this means your new card provider pays off the debts on your current credit or store cards for you. If you go for a card with an interest free rate for balance transfers you will benefit by having a few months grace before you start being charged interest on your balance. You should use this time wisely and try to reduce your debt as much as possible.

Previous credit problems
If youíve had credit problems in the past you might have a poor credit rating. If this is the case, donít worry, just specify this when using the search facility above and the system will show credit cards that are available if you have a bad credit rating.

The higher the APR the more you will pay in interest
The APR or Annual Percentage Rate shows what it costs you to borrow money with a credit card. The standard APR is the important one and this is the rate you'll be charged after any introductory rate expires. Rates can vary immensely between card providers, but are usually between 12% and 18%.